Gas pipe crossing the canal next to Ocker Hill Branch Bridge, Ocker Hill.


From Date: 27/01/2019 08:00

To Date: On-going

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Ocker Hill Tunnel Branch (Walsall Canal)

Starts at: Ocker Hill Branch Bridge, Ocker Hill

Ends at: Ocker Hill Branch Bridge, Ocker Hill


Alfred Bagnall & Sons Limited have been repainting the gas pipe at this location on behalf of National Grid. The works are being undertaken using a stoppage which is due to end on 27th January.

A fracture has now been discovered on the gas pipe so for health & safety reasons the pipe will need to be repaired. Fortunately the contractor has agreed to raise the scaffold to allow boats to pass safely beneath whilst the repair takes place.