Lock 1 to Lock 17, Northampton Arm (Grand Union Canal)


From Date: 28/01/2019 08:00

To Date: 15/03/2019 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Northampton Arm (Grand Union Canal)

Starts at: Lock 1

Ends at: Lock 17

Upstream winding hole: Immediately above Lock 1

Downstream winding hole: Immediately below Lock 17


15/11/2018 14:47

We have reviewed the timing of the post Christmas closures for the East Midlands Region. 

In order to optimise the use and movement of resources and equipment, as well as completing the large programme of works required on the Northampton Arm, we have put back the start of the stoppage until 28th January 2019. 

The end date has also been put back to 15th March 2019.


Carry out repairs to Locks 1 to 17 across the Northampton Arm as follows

Lock 1 - replace bottom gate. Carry out repairs to ladder, bollards, clapper post and top gate head post. 

Lock 5 - refit bottom gate and cill. Repairs to ladder and bollards.

Lock 7 - replace bottom gate, carry out repairs to ladder and bollards and to reduce leakage.

Lock 9 - carry out repairs to reduce leakage on the bottom gate.

Lock 10 - carry out repairs to reduce leakage.

Lock 12 - reline bottom gates.

Lock 14 - grouting of the lock walls to reduce leakage.

Lock 17 - reline top gate. Grouting of the lock walls to reduce leakage.