Manchester Road Bridge 130B to Finsley Gate Bridge 130E, Burnley, Leeds & Liverpool Canal.


From Date: 12/11/2018 08:00

To Date: 02/07/2019 17:00 inclusive

Type: Towpath Closure

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Starts at: Bridge 130B, Manchester Road Bridge

Ends at: Bridge 130E, Finsley Gate Bridge

Upstream winding hole: After Bridge 137, Lob Lane Bridge.

Downstream winding hole: Before Bridge 130B, Manchester Road Bridge.


18/06/2019 10:20

We are pleased to advise that navigation has resumed at Finsley Gate, Burnley on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

A towpath closure has been implemented for the next 2 weeks whilst our teams move the equipment away from site.

We politely request customers not to moor in this section whilst the towpath closure is in place.

07/05/2019 20:55

We are sorry to report that there have been further delays on site to repair the canal bed and embankment at Finsley Gate in Burnley. Our contractors are working 12 hour days to get the canal re-opened as quickly as possible. As previously stated, we have faced many challenges such as issues with the amount of silt, the constraints to the site and required repairs to the offside wash wall following a collapse. All of this has contributed to the works taking longer than anticipated.

We are currently re-lining the canal bed and completing repairs to the off side wash walls.

We know this is not the best news to hear but we’re working hard with our contractors to re-open the canal as quickly as possible.  We hope that navigation will be open on 18 June and will keep you fully updated on progress.

Again we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

04/04/2019 11:50

Further to our previous update, the silt removal from the lagoon storage area has now begun and will continue while other works are undertaken.   Our contractors have started the canal relining and this is progressing well.  The construction of the new towpath concrete retaining wall is continuing with 12 of the 14 bays originally planned now complete. 

Unfortunately, however, there have been additional problems with repairing the existing offside and towpath walls as some more sections have collapsed.  This has caused further delays and we have taken the difficult decision to delay the re-opening of the navigation until 23rd May.  

We are working very closely with our contractor partners and will do everything we can to complete the works sooner if possible.

01/03/2019 17:33

Further to our earlier updates, we are very sorry to report we will be unable to complete the repairs at Finsley Gate within the timescale previously advertised.   

Following the dewatering of the navigation, it was discovered the amount of silt along the length of the affected area was far greater than originally anticipated.  In addition, once the navigation was drained, the silt was tested and found to be contaminated.  When silt is contaminated, special measures have to be taken to remove it from site and to dispose of it safely.  These two factors have caused significant delays to the project.

Moreover, when the navigation was dewatered, it was found the retaining wall was in a much worse condition than initially expected.  This, too, has resulted in additional works.

Please be assured our contractors are doing everything they can to complete this project as soon as possible.  However, we will not be in a position to re-open the navigation until 8 May 2019.   We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

15/10/2018 12:22

Please note the start date for this closure has been put back by one week until 12th November. 

This is to keep the navigation open for an additional week following the restrictions imposed during the summer due to the drought.  Our contractors will be completing their site set-up in the week before the stoppage, so please take care while travelling through the area.

Please note that the towpath will still be closed from 5th November, as originally planned.

03/09/2018 16:51

The length from Manchester Road Bridge 130B to Bridge 130E will be dewatered to allow for canal relining works, work to the towpath retaining wall and offside soft bank protection. 

Stop plank grooves will also be constructed at Bridge 130B and Sandholme aqueduct.

The final design and methodology have now been confirmed and, as a result of the extent of works involved and for safety reasons, the towpath will also have to be closed during the stoppage. 

Our contractor will erect signage at the convenient closure points so that people can come off and use another route.    


The length from Manchester Road Bridge 130B to Bridge 130E will be dewatered to allow for canal re lining works.