Bridge 6 (Netherton Swing Bridge) and Bridge 9 (Handcock's Swing Bridge) - Leeds & Liverpool Canal


From Date: 16/04/2018 00:00

To Date: 31/10/2019 16:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Starts at: Bridge 6, Netherton Swing Bridge

Ends at: Bridge 9, Handcocks Swing Bridge



As of Monday 16 April 2018, we will be launching a suite of improvements to deliver a full self-service experience for customers travelling towards Liverpool on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and for those using the Liverpool Canal Link. Improvements to how the swing bridges and Stanley Locks are operated and changes to our web booking system make it easier than ever before to access Liverpool and the historic Liverpool South Docks.   

Leeds & Liverpool Canal improvements include:

Installation of road barriers and a new user pedestal will allow self-user operation at Bridge 9 (Handcock’s Swing Bridge).  Please note that use of the bridge will be restricted during peak traffic times and will be open for user operation from 9:30am to 2:00pm and 6pm to 7:30am daily (no assistance required). Installation of new landing stages at Bridge 6 (Netherton Swing Bridge) will enable user operation.  We have also completed extensive site works to clear vegetation, install new fencing, pathways and signage across the site.  

Liverpool Canal Link improvements include:

Improvements to the Stanley Locks and paddles will facilitate user operation (roving lock keepers will be available for guidance)   Changes to the passage times will allow unlimited boat movements during allocated windows (8:00am to 9:30am travelling out of Liverpool and 1pm to 4pm travelling into Liverpool daily except Tuesdays). Please note a web booking is still required for the Liverpool Canal Link and this can be made on the boat licensing pages on this link Changes to the web booking system mean that you can now book your own pontoon mooring in Salthouse Dock Installation of a pontoon landing stage in Princes Dock allows customers to safely access the lock for operation Installation of a pontoon at the bottom of Stanley Lock Flight allows customers to safely access the locks for operation

Please let us know about your experience of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Liverpool Canal Link.  This can be done by e-mail to