Fazeley Waterway Office, Peels Wharf, Fazeley, Tamworth B78 3QZ


From Date: 01/03/2017 00:00

To Date: 10/04/2018 16:00 inclusive

Type: Opening Times

Is the towpath closed? No

Intersection of

Closest waterway: Coventry Canal

Starts at: Fazeley Waterway Office

Ends at: Fazeley Waterway Office


Closest waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

Starts at: Fazeley Watling Str Bridge

Ends at: Fazeley Watling Str Bridge


Closest waterway: Trent & Mersey Canal

Starts at: Fradley Customer Service Facility

Ends at: Fradley Customer Service Facility


18/04/2017 09:04

The Fazeley waterway office is now closed, the water point and elsan is still open but the bin compound is closed.  Please do not leave rubbish here.  The next recycling facility can be found at Grendon Bridge 49, Fradley Junction and Cambrian Wharf.

Licences and keys can be purchased from Cambrian House in Birmingham 8.30-4pm and Fradley Junction, Alrewas 10-2pm.


The Fazeley office at Peels Wharf will be closing on Friday 31st March, the water point and elsan will still be open however the Biffa bins will be removed due to security issues. 

The next recycling facility can be found at Atherstone Top Lock and Fradley Junction.

Cambrian House in Birmingham will be open to purchase boat licences and keys, this facility will also be available soon at Fradley Junction in Alrewas on the Trent & Mersey Canal.