Lock 39 - Aylestone Mill Lock

Notice Details
From Date:
7th November 2016
To Date:
5th December 2016 at 15:12 inclusive
Navigation Closure
Notice updates:
05/12/2016 @ 15:12
These works have now been completed and the navigation is open to customers.

Lock 39 – Aylestone Mill Lock – Replacing both top and bottom gates. Brickwork repairs in the lock chamber.


Please Note:

In order to accommodate repairs to the gates at Bishop Meadow Lock into our winter works programme it has been necessary to alter the dates of other works.

Originally we had planned to close the Grand Union at Lock 34 (Dunns Lock) and Lock 39 (Aylestone Mill Lock) in one stoppage running from the 7th November to the 21st December.

The Construction team are now planning to split this stoppage into two parts to allow works to Lock 54 (Bishop Meadow Lock) to take place in-between.

After discussions with a number of boating groups and hire operators, we feel the best option is to carry out works to the three locks consecutively, thereby ensuring that boats in this area always have one direction to go (either north or south).

This will mean closing Dunns Lock 4 weeks earlier than planned and as such the dates of the three stoppages are now as follows:

Lock 34 - Dunns Lock - closed from 10th October to the 30th October

Lock 54 – Bishop Meadow Lock – closed from 31st October to the 6th November

Lock 39 – Aylestone Mill Lock – closed from 7th November to the 16th December

We appreciate that such a late change to our programme will affect the plans of those wishing to use this navigation in this period, but we feel the condition of Bishop Meadow Lock warrants attention this winter.

Leicester Line (Grand Union Canal)
Starts At:
Lock 39 - Aylestone Mill Lock
Ends At:
Lock 39 - Aylestone Mill Lock
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