Elland and Crowther Bridges, Calder & Hebble Navigation

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From Date:
31st October 2016
To Date:
17th March 2017 at 23:59 inclusive
Navigation Closure
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Notice updates:
23/02/2017 @ 12:05

Note: Work at Elland Bridge will be completed by 10/03/2017

23/02/2017 @ 10:27

Work at Crowther Bridge has been delayed due to unexpected ground conditions and difficulties in installing foundation piles. As a result of this the programme of works has been revised as additional time will be required to complete foundations and construction of washwall and towpath. The stoppage has been extended by one week, now due to finish on 17/3/17.


Reconstruction works to these two bridges following their demolition as an affect of the winter flooding.

Calder & Hebble Navigation
Starts At:
Bridge 2, Elland
Ends At:
Bridge 16, Crowther
Up Stream Winding Hole:
Downstrean of Lock 5 Woodside Mills
Down Stream Winding Hole:
Downstream of Brookfoot Bridge
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