Lumb Lane Bridge, Ashton Canal

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From Date:
9th January 2017
To Date:
17th March 2017 at 23:59 inclusive
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21/02/2017 @ 08:46

Lumb Lane Bridge has now been mostly blasted and a priming coat of paint applied.  Unfortunately once all the old paint and rust was removed the number of expected steel repairs has far exceeded what was expected.  There are more than 70 additional repairs, mostly small but they all need repairing before the bridge can be fully repainted.  These repairs could take up to two weeks to carry out but already the repair plates and steel sections are on site and work has commenced to preserve this structure into the future. 

We anticipate these repairs to be completed by 17th March 2017.

05/01/2017 @ 11:44

Please be advised that the towpath isn’t closed for the works at Lumb Lane.

Pedestrians are asked to follow the route over Lumb Lane bridge, where there will be a pedestrian crossing, which will then lead straight back onto the towpath.

The diversion route will also be posted on site.


Bridge painting and metal work repairs

Ashton Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 21, Lumb Lane Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 21, Lumb Lane Bridge
Up Stream Winding Hole:
Winding Hole - Lumb Lane
Down Stream Winding Hole:
Fairfield Junction, Above Lock 18
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