Hazlehurst Lock

Notice Details
From Date:
13th August 2018 at 08:00
To Date:
21st September 2018 at 08:00 inclusive
Navigation Closure

Due to the exceptionally dry weather, the Middlewich closure and various other northern canal closures and restrictions, boat traffic on the Trent & Mersey (T&M) Canal has greatly increased. This has put extra pressure on the already limited reservoir water supplies. Reluctantly we need to close the Caldon Canal at Hazlehurst lock so the water that would have gone to waste can be diverted down the T&M Canal.

Please note: Boats with moorings on the closed side of Hazlehurst Lock can book a passage through the locks by contacting the West Midlands Regional Office on 03030 404040. If possible, please try and give 24hrs notice.


In the meantime, boaters can help conserve water by:

Sharing locks where possible and making the best use of the water available.

Ensuring paddles are fully closed once they’ve passed through a lock.

Aiming for minimal contact when navigating through locks by ensuring gates are fully open as they pass through.

Pushing gates open using a boat can damage the gate lining, increasing its leakage.


Caldon Canal
Starts At:
Lock 11 Hazelhurst Middle Lock
Ends At:
Lock 11 Hazelhurst Middle Lock
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