Peak Forest Canal, Lock 11 Marple, Marple Flight

Notice Details
From Date:
23rd July 2018 at 17:00
To Date:
until further notice
Navigation Closure
Structure failure

Due to further movement of the chamber wall at Marple Lock 11, the lock is now too narrow for boats to fit through safely.  As such, the Marple Lock Flight is closed to navigation.

We have considered repeating the jacking operation to the lock walls to try and get a couple of additional weeks of navigation. However we have dismissed this option as this would likely take around 2 weeks to complete and would coincide with the date we have decided to close the Marple and Bosley Flights to preserve water on the Upper Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canal sections.

We appreciate this is very frustrating for our customers and we are sorry for the inconvenience this causes. Our teams are busy planning to complete the re-building of the lock walls and the Flight will remain closed until this is complete. We will be able to provide an update on the proposed timescales as soon as they are available.

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