Ferrybridge Flood lock/footbridge

Notice Details
From Date:
28th June 2018 at 15:00
To Date:
until further notice
Notice updates:
21/08/2018 @ 14:30

The flood lock has been reopened and boats currently dont need to operate the lock gates.

For safety reasons the footbridge remains closed therefore there is no access onto the island from the Ferrybridge end. Anyone wishing to access the island will need to do so from Mill Bridge.


The nearby footbridge has been closed due to safety reasons, until this is resolved the only way for pedestrians to cross the canal is to use the bottom lock gates.

We are also asking our boating customers to pen through this lock and ensure that the gates are closed again afterwards


Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line
Starts At:
Lock 11, Ferrybridge Flood Lock
Ends At:
Lock 11, Ferrybridge Flood Lock
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