Macclesfield canal, Bridge 61 (Buxton Road Bridge) and Bridge 66 Townfield.

Notice Details
From Date:
23rd June 2018 at 13:00
To Date:
1st October 2018 inclusive
Towpath Closure
Is Towpath Closed?

The towpath is closed between bridges 61 & 66. This is due to bridge 61 been hit by a vehicle overnight.

The access point at bridge 61 to the towpath remains open.

Our teams and engineers will be carrying out inspections to the bridge so they can insure it's made safe. 

Over the weekend there may be a short delay to boat traffic while our team's install emergency safety measures around the bridge. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and we will be able to provide an update when the inspections have being completed.



Macclesfield Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 61, Congleton Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 66, Townfield Bridge
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