Coxheads Swing Bridge (no. 20) to Jacksons Bridge (no. 19) - Leeds & Liverpool Canal

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From Date:
27th December 2017
To Date:
29th January 2018 at 12:22 inclusive
Navigation Closure
Notice updates:
29/01/2018 @ 12:22
Navigation has now re-opened.
31/12/2017 @ 16:03

In order to facilitate grouting at Jacksons Aqueduct, works have been completed to install sheets on the bed of the canal to slow leakage through the aqueduct.  The sheets have polypropylene rope attached which floats and could get caught in a propeller.  Navigating through the affected area may result in damage to craft or damage to the sheeting which has been installed.  As such, the area will remain closed until further notice.


Emergency grouting works are required at Jacksons Aqueduct in Lydiate on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. 

To facilitate these works, the water levels in the canal must be reduced.  As such, a stoppage is required between Coxheads Swing Bridge (no. 20) and Jacksons Bridge (no. 19), where stop planks will be installed.

An update will be issued when the grouting works have been completed.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 19, Jacksons Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 20, Coxhead Swing Bridge
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