Peak Forest Canal - Marple Flight

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From Date:
11th September 2017 at 09:00
To Date:
until further notice
Navigation Closure
Structure failure
Notice updates:
27/10/2017 @ 10:25

We wanted to update you regarding the closure of the Peak Forest Canal at Marple.

Since the closure there’s been lots of work on going behind the scenes to reach a solution to repair the lock chamber wall.  We’ve continued to monitor it and can see that it has continued to move.

Next week we will be carrying out further ground investigations, digging large boreholes around the Lock which will give us detailed information about the make up of the ground around the lock so that we can design properly and establish the extent of the works we need to do.  The lock is Grade II listed, in a conservation area and in a confined location making access difficult.  We need to make sure that the designs to repair the wall are viable in the limited space, and sympathetic to the area and heritage. 

This is a complex project.  We are hoping that work will be able to start before Christmas and are clear that we want the repairs completed by mid March.  When we have the detail for the design we’ll be able to give a better overview of the repair programme. 

In the meantime we are reviewing what other works that we can do in the flight over the winter to make the most of the extended closure.

If anybody needs any advice about moorings or help to navigate around the stoppage please get in touch with our customers services team in Redbull who will be happy to help you.

26/09/2017 @ 17:04

Following the detailed survey that was completed last week we can see that the lock has become too narrow to be operated safely.   

This is very disappointing news.  We are looking into the design of the repair and how this can be fitted into our works programme.  It’s going to be a significant and complex project, and we need to work with our contracting partners to make sure that we can get the repair done quickly but at a reasonable cost too.  It’s unlikely that we will be able to give any definitive information about reopening for a couple of weeks but we can see that the lock will be closed here for some time. 

We are sorry that we cannot be certain about a reopening timetable but will give an update as soon as we can.

22/09/2017 @ 15:54

Following investigation and getting detailed surveys of the lock subsidence, it is not possible to re-open the lock today as we originally anticipated. Further works are still ongoing and we hope to be able to provide an update early next week.


14/09/2017 @ 10:14

Following initial surveys and investigations at the lock we have confirmed that alongside the subsidence evident on the lock side the towpath side wall has moved and the lock is narrowed.  We have further work to do to confirm precisely the scale of the problem which will take place over the next week. 

We are hopeful that the lock can be reopened, albeit with a reduced width for the time being.  We expect that the restriction would mean that only boats up to 6’10” width will be able to pass through it.  We will be able to confirm this when the more detailed survey has been completed.  We also have work to do to repair the superficial damage to the lock side and install gauging at the top and bottom of the lock flight before we can reopen it.  We’re currently estimating that the lock will reopen with a restriction around 22nd September 2017.

Looking towards a more permanent repair, we have started the work of developing a repair solution so that we can decide how best this might be taken forward.

We’ll provide a further update when we’ll be able to confirm the restricted reopening date.

11/09/2017 @ 16:46

Over the weekend subsidence has become evident at Lock 15, Marple and we have had to close the canal here while this is investigated.  Following inspections on site today we are now concerned that there has been some movement to the towpath side lock wall as well.

 Our engineering team will be undertaking a thorough examination of the lock over the next few days so that we can be clear about the true extent of the problem and what repairs are now needed.   

Given the uncertainty about the full extent of the problem we cannot estimate a reopening date for the lock at the moment, when we know more we will be able to issue a further update. 

We’re sorry if this problem has caused you delays but want to assure you that we are giving this highest priority.


We have had to close the lock flight at Marple until further notice due to subsidence at lock 15 . Our engineers will be carrying out inspections later today.

We understand that this closure may disrupt your schedule. We are taking every step to look into this problem as soon as possible and we will keep you updated of our progress.


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