Peak forest canal - Bridges 35-33

Notice Details
From Date:
7th June 2017 at 13:00
To Date:
2nd October 2017 inclusive
Navigation Restriction
Notice updates:
09/06/2017 @ 15:40

Our contactors have been able to clear part of the trees between bridges 33 – 35.

Boats are able to pass through with care, please pass the area with caution.

08/06/2017 @ 13:19

Our contractors are still on site working to remove a number of trees blocking the canal.

The towpath is now open, we will provide a further update when the canal is open.


A number of tree has fallen blocking the Towpath and Canal between Bridges 33-35  on the Peak forest Canal . Our contractors are currantly on site.   

While the tree is being removed the canal is closed to navigation.  

We will  provide an update once the canal is open.

Peak Forest Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 35, A6 Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 33, Greensdeep Bridge
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