Lock 65, West Stockwith Lock, Chesterfield Canal

Notice Details
From Date:
6th November 2017 at 08:00
To Date:
23rd October 2017 at 11:28 inclusive
Navigation Closure
Notice updates:
23/10/2017 @ 11:28
A closure is no longer required to carry out the repairs and pump replacement at Lock 65. The works have been re-phased to February 2018 when they will be completed under a restriction only. This closure is now cancelled.

Mechanical & Electrical repairs to the lock.  Replacement of 2 power packs.

In addition to mechanical and electrical repairs to the lock, the pump will be replaced and the site linked to the SCADA water monitoring system.  

Please note there will be a window for navigation from 28th to 29th November across all works in this area.

Chesterfield Canal
Starts At:
Lock 65, West Stockwith Lock
Ends At:
Lock 65, West Stockwith Lock
Up Stream Winding Hole:
Manor Farm Winding hole
Down Stream Winding Hole:
Stockwith Basin
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