Verity and Jessica on the Peak Forest Canal Verity and Jessica on the Peak Forest Canal

Meet Verity, Jessica, Niamh & Max at Marple Locks

We're sisters and our babies are similar ages – Niamh is eight months and Max is 12 weeks. We walk the canal a lot with our babies to help get them to sleep. It always works, and it's good exercise in the fresh air for us too. Max had his jabs this morning but he's fine and seems to be sleeping sound in his buggy at the moment.

Niamh looks all steamy in there under her buggy cover, but it's keeping her warm and dry. We usually bring them in their baby carriers because it’s easier, but when it’s raining as much as it is today it's so much better with the buggies!

Walking with buggies on the Peak Forest Canal

My sister lives quite close by in Bramhall and I live just up the road. We like getting around by using the towpath. It's good for access to places without having to go near the horrible road. From my house, I can either go for country walks or just get into town to do my shopping by walking along the towpath.

Family walk at Marple Locks

I think the canal is a real part of everyone's lives round here. People either come to walk or just look at the boats. I've walked as far as Marple Aqueduct which is just a bit further along from here. We'll put Ernie on his lead to go across it though – it's a long way for him to fall and he's only two, so he's still almost a baby too!

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