Vera, walking along the canal at Alvechurch Vera, walking along the canal at Alvechurch

Meet Vera, ambling at Alvechurch

I'm not a rambler any more, I'd call myself an ambler now! I enjoy walking and I shall carry on enjoying my ambles, especially on such a lovely sunny day like today. It may rain tomorrow - they say it's going to - but I shall enjoy my amble today while I can.  

There is a new marina being built along the canal near the Crown pub, so I've just walked as far as that today to see how it's coming along. I've passed some very busy ducks, coots and moorhens and seen quite a lot of wildlife along the way. Even though it's very cold, it's nice when you're out ambling.

Ducks on the towpath

I live near the canal in the village and I come here as much as I can. Now that the Trust have put a hard surface on this area of towpath it’s much easier for me to amble with my stick. It's a very popular walk along here, and there are lots of people who use it to walk to the canalside pub at the edge of the village. When I was a member of a local rambling group, we used to go along here to the pub for our Christmas meal. And I've watched the local Mummers group dancing on the canalside on New Year’s Day many times. 

Boating at Alvechurch

So I'm just a enjoying a quiet walk today, but I have many, many memories of walking this towpath in the past. 

Vera, Alvechurch, Worcester & Birmingham Canal