couple on lock gate Location: Tardebigge Flight, Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Tony & Kath,

"We've been married 54 years! The secret to our success is that I'm a very patient man. No, I'm just joking! We get out every day walking and we always say to ourselves, “Aren't we lucky to have all this?” It's so peaceful and quiet here.

I retired when I was 60 and I'm nearly 78 now. Everyone says how well I look, and it's being out and about in the fresh air that does it really. We walked the other half of this lock flight last week. When you can come out on the canal there isn't anything any better than that. I think it's sad when I see people on the TV who win lots of money and they say they will spend it in Vegas or something. I'm in the right place, so even if I won the lottery I wouldn't change where I'm living.

My wife is a workaholic and worked up until eight weeks ago. She just enjoyed going to work so much she didn't want to leave. Her job was in Morrison’s on the deli, in Rubery. The shifts were four days a week and I used to have her dinner on the table ready for her when she got home. 

She gave her job up to spend more time with me. And now that we're both retired, to keep well and happy we get out and walk every day. I think we have our feet well planted on the ground and appreciate what is around."

Tony & Kath, Lock 35, Tardebigge Flight, Worcester & Birmingham Canal