Simeon and Meg at Saul Junction Simeon and Meg at Saul Junction

Meet Simeon & Meg at Saul Junction

We’re from Gloucestershire College campus in Cheltenham and we work with learners with moderate to severe learning difficulties. The college has been involved for about two years bringing groups of learners to Saul Junction, and that’s going really, really well. We come weekly and can see the transformation here. Some students are doing painting work here today and it’s looking really good.

Volunteers at Saul Junction

They enjoy doing it, and we’ve had a lot of appreciation from boaters and everyone else about what we do. They appreciate the work we’re doing here. It means a lot for us to hear that, but more importantly, it means a lot for the learners to hear. We’re actually doing something really valuable here, and it’s good for learners to see that.

Volunteers from Gloucestershire College

We’re in the extremely fortunate position of adopting a mile of canal at Saul Junction. It’s good that we've got so many learners coming down – litter picking,  gardening , cutting back of trees, bird boxes and bat boxes I do believe as well. We’ve got some bridges to paint, seats to paint – or stain, to get it right! And they’ve done some tyre planters over here, they painted them all last year, planted them all up, and we’ve got to reposition them and replant them again. There’s a lot to keep us going! That’s why I think the learners enjoy it so much as well.

Adoption group from Gloucestershire College

The back-up support we’ve had from the Canal & River Trust team has really helped us, we’re really grateful. As someone who has only just started doing this – I’ve only been doing it a couple of months – I couldn’t have done it without their support and of course the support from Megs who has been doing this a lot longer than me!

Simeon & Meg, Saul Junction, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal