Shirley Humans of the waterways Shirley Humans of the waterways

Meet Shirley and Alfie

It's so lovely and sunny here today. I've just come down onto the towpath from the road, and after the noise of the traffic up there, it's so quiet here on the canal. You can hear the birds singing.

Kennet and Avon bridgeI do a lot of my dog walking along the canal and my husband loves fishing along this stretch of water as well. We only moved house here last June so we didn't know this canal before that, but we're getting used to enjoying how lovely and quiet it is here.

Alfie has made friends with some of the other dogs he meets along the towpath on our walks. Staffies are misunderstood sometimes I think because if people who have them are nasty to them, then they're nasty back. But if people treat them right, they are sweet dogs who just want to sit on your lap. I mean, look at Alfie he's built like a big bruiser, but he's a proper nanny-dog.

When we're walking along the canal and see any ducks he never goes after them, but he does try to eat the grass if I don't stop him. He's only just six, and he went to the vet the other day and had to have his tooth taken out. He's still a bit mad from that. It's ok though, he's happy now that he's out walking along the canal.

Shirley & Alfie, Widbrook Bridge, Kennet & Avon Canal