lady and dog Location: Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Sarah & Max

"Some people call him Scooby-Doo. I suppose he does look a bit like him! Don't worry, he's just being nosy, he won't jump over. Max and I do this walk regularly and he always stops right on this spot here and jumps up to see what's going on down below the bridge on the water. I don't know why it's always exactly on this spot, but it's so lovely here. Max knows the canals quite well because we've got a boat moored nearby. He accidently slipped off the boat deck and fell into the water once, so we know he can swim! Lucky really because we've had 4 Dobermans now, and Max is the only one out of them all who’s a good swimmer."

Sarah & Max, Lower Foxhangers Bridge, Kennet & Avon Canal