lady and dog Location: Tardebigge Flight, Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Sarah

"Ellie is just mad-good fun! It's a pleasure to bring her, she loves this walk so much. She's so food driven though I had to put her on the lead a few locks back because I thought she's just going to eat everything in sight!

She doesn't like the taste of the sea that much, but I can't keep her out of the canals because she absolutely loves swimming. I've given up trying to stop her getting wet - I just go with it now! Wherever we go walking she will find a way to get wet, whether it’s in the canal or a puddle, and she usually comes back from any walk looking like a black Labrador.

We walk this canal regularly, and do lots of different chunks of the flight. It's so pretty and the views are lovely from the higher up stretch that looks out over the Malvern Hills. Ellie knows the canal well, and she's used to meeting boats on the flight. We get to the top much quicker than they do.

Walking, eating and sleeping are everything she loves. I don't think Labradors are big dogs really, after a walk they just curl up under the table and they're happy as long as they're near your feet."

Sarah & Ellie, Lock 30, Tardebigge Flight

Worcester & Birmingham Canal