Sandra & Sue, walking by the canal in Kidderminster Sandra & Sue, walking by the canal in Kidderminster

Meet Sandra & Sue in Kidderminster

We've just come from the gym. The gym we go to is in the town centre so we always walk along the canal on a Monday because this is a much nicer route along the waterside to town than if we were going by road.

So, yes, on Mondays we do all our stuff in the gym - then we go to Caffè Nero, no cakes of course! Then we usually do a bit of shopping before we walk back home along the canal.

I used to work in town and I always walked along the canal to commute to work in those days, except in the winter when it was dark. I first started using the canals a long time ago when I first moved house here. In those days the towpath was in a terrible state, but I used to push my daughter in her pushchair along the canal anyway. Now the towpaths are so much better and they are kept tidy, although there is a litter problem here in Kidderminster, which is a shame.

Towpath walking in Kidderminster

From where I live it's easy to access the towpath so I wouldn't ever want to walk anywhere on horrible noisy roads when I can walk on a towpath. We've got a heron that lives on our canal and this morning we've just walked past some Canada geese with their little goslings – it's beautiful here.

Sandra & Sue, Kidderminster, Staffordshires & Worcestershire Canal