Lady smiling by her house Location: Castlefield Basin

Meet Roz

"I love it here by the canal, every time I walk down the path I feel lucky to live here. There’s no traffic and it’s so quiet. It’s like living in a little village, but right in the city. It’s the only residential detached property in Manchester city centre, so we’re fortunate enough to have a garden for the cat as well.

We think the house dates from around 1860. One gent called to the house last year and told us that his Grandfather was born here 100 years ago, when his Great-Grandfather was the Lock Keeper. I know the family who own it and I used to come to parties here when I was younger. This house has definitely seen some life. It’s nice to be able to trace its history and feel part of it."

Roz, Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Castlefield Basin