Man and dog by canal Location: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Phil & Jake

"He's a rescue dog and he's come a long way, but it was hard work. We were looking online for a dog and saw Jake. He was from a farm and had been badly treated and left in a shed to starve. He's lovely with ladies and children, but he doesn't like young men and bikes. Jake is about five now, and it still takes a while to settle him because he's a bit scared.

It was so sad when we lost our last collie. We had to have him put down, and you think you can't ever go through that again, it's so awful. So we said we'd do all the things you can't when you have a dog. But we didn't, and at weekends we would just think how nice it would be to have a dog with us.

We usually walk with Jake from Sharpness but don't quite get this far, so we drove here to start from this point today - and we're planning to walk the whole canal in chunks.

Jake is a good boy. He often sits outside on the wall at home and one day somebody who passed by said, "Do you mind if I make a Facebook page for him?" So that's how the 'Chipping Sodbury wall pooch' Facebook page began. He chats to anyone who will chat to him on his Facebook page!"

Phil & Jake, Shepherds Patch, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal