Family by the water Location: Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Peter & family

"We've hired this holiday boat from ABC Boat Hire, but it's not for a holiday as such - it's to celebrate my 60th birthday.

Actually, my birthday was officially a month ago, but we were all too busy at the time. There's going to be quite a few of us aboard, some are joining us just for the day and some will be staying overnight. I'm the organiser and, for my sins, I'm going to be the skipper in charge. It's going to be an interesting experience because some of us have at least been on canal boat trips before but some are complete novices.

It's a cultural trip to explore around the Birmingham Canal Navigations and of course, we may moor at a couple of pubs along the way. We’re just getting all our bags on board and then we’ll be off. Bournville is our first stop. It's going to be fun, and the weather is looking good!"

Peter & family, Alvechurch, Worcester & Birmingham Canal