Gloucester Docks Location: Gloucester Docks, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Mr & Mrs W

"We love it here. We're not tourists, we're only locals, relaxing for the day. We live quite close by and we've just come down for a walk. It's nice to come out here - we come a lot.

We've lived in Gloucester since 1970 when we moved up from Portsmouth, so we've seen all the changes to the Docks as they've happened. A lot of planning has been put into doing Gloucester Docks up, and we think all the changes have made it different around here, but there's a good atmosphere.

I've got a lot of memories here because I used to work in the building over there that overlooks this basin. They're doing some work to it now to convert it into new cafés and restaurants. We're looking forward to eating out and spending some time there when it's finished – I think it will be really nice.

We both remember when Robert Opie used to have a museum in the warehouse behind us, Albert Warehouse – it was lovely, full to the brim with Victorian advertising and packaging with thousands of tins and signs, it had real atmosphere.

We've been in the Waterways Museum here, but that was quite a long time ago, so it's time to visit it again because there have been changes in there too.

We know quite a lot of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. We've walked all around Sharpness harbour and watched the tide come in – it's wonderful."

Mr & Mrs W, Gloucester Docks, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal