Monty and Maisie, dogs on the Kennet & Avon Canal Monty and Maisie, dogs on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Monty & Maisie the dogs, at Staverton

This is Monty the labrador and Maisie the terrier. Monty is 13 and a half years old now and he's had a lot of trouble, but he's still going strong. In summer Monty likes to go for a swim but he's getting too old for that now really! We walk down this canal every day because the dogs can run around and it's so nice for them, even old Monty. My house is right by the canal so it's really easy to get here.

Staverton, kennet & Avon Canal

Monty was my birthday present! He's definitely doing well for his age. I'd say Monty is a proper farm dog. We have family friends who have a working farm, and that's where Monty came from. He even sometimes goes shooting with my Dad.

Maisie was a baby when we got her first, she was very cuddly! We rescued her, but even though she had a difficult start in her life she's no trouble. We got her from London where my Dad had bought a shop - the previous owners had her, but she didn't get along with their other dogs, so they gave her to my Dad.

Walking dogs on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Maisie isn't as interested in swimming as Monty, but they both really enjoy walking alongside the water, it's really free and nice for them.

Monty & Maisie, Staverton, Kennet & Avon Canal