Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily at Ponty

Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

It's our first time at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct today. We've come for a day out with our grandchildren. The aqueduct is amazingly high, and it's quite windy today, but we made it all the way across without any fear. The children tried to scare us, but we managed!

Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily

Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily walking

Today we're with Emily who is five, Ben who's seven, and Isaac who’s 12. We've got too many grandchildren to bring them all in one go - we have lots more than these three, and we've got another on the way too! We enjoy taking them out, they're really good, and they’ll always be pleasant and say hello to everyone! Of course when the grandchildren are with us it gives their Mums and Dads a break too.

We've been on trip boats in past and we're thinking about hiring a narrowboat at the moment. That's really why we thought we'd come and see the aqueduct today. The children have come from further away but we don't live far from here, so I don't know why we haven't ever seen the famous aqueduct before!

A great day out at Ponty

We made it across one way, but we've got to walk back over the Ponty now. It's funny how many people we've seen today who can't cross it for fear, but we’re not scared – are we!

Mo, Alan, Isaac, Ben & Emily, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Llangollen Canal