Location: Diglis Basin, Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Mike

I've moved from a narrowboat to a widebeam now that my son is five. He's growing up and needs more space to run around and stretch into. His mum and I are separated and I live on my boat now. My son lives with his mum as his main carer, and he comes to me every weekend and usually one night in the week as well. He's at home on the boat and knows everyone around here. It's a great community.

I love the lifestyle and the outdoors. Although, oddly, my boat's being repainted at the moment so I'm under the covers of the boat painting shed and I can't even tell what the weather is doing outside. I feel like Gunn from Treasure Island!

I love the canals but I'm a seagoing person too. I do lots of yachting. I'm going out yachting this weekend - I love it - and can you believe I actually get paid to take people out in boats on the water. I'm also a Boatmaster and do trip boats occasionally.

You've caught me in my old shorts this morning because I've just come from the gym! Do you want a bicep for the photo – there you go!

Mike, Diglis Basin, Worcester, Worcester & Birmingham Canal