Meg and Alan at Fradley Junction Meg and Alan at Fradley Junction

Meet Meg & Alan at Fradley Junction

Alan likes the canals when they're busy with boats in summer, but I like the canals best when winter is on the way because it's quieter. We're particularly drawn to coming to Fradley Junction because it's so peaceful here and I have walking balance problems so the easy surface of the towpath is good too. We have a friend who has a narrowboat so we sometimes come along in the boat. Alan enjoys boating and going through the locks, but I prefer to keep moving on foot. You can go further on foot without locks to slow you down.

Walking at Fradley Junction

We live in Lichfield, but I'm from Wales originally. My mother lived by the Montgomery Canal and all those years ago, before the canals were as popular for leisure, she said, "Well, that's the canal, and now they've filled it in and they’ve built houses... and somebody will be wanting it open again next." She was right! The Montgomery Canal restoration work has reopened seven beautiful miles of that Welsh canal. We've been following the progress of the Lichfield and Hatherton restoration work on the canal near our home too. It's very slow work because so much money is needed to restore a canal.

Day out at Fradley Junction

We think Staffordshire is a very pretty county and Fradley Junction is quite popular with a few of our friends. We know people who come here just to watch the boats and the water. They just love it! I don't think it matters if you're on a boat, walking or just sitting and watching the activity on the water. We'll come here again and again because we love the water.

Meg & Alan, Fradley Junction, Coventry and Trent & Mersey Canal