Michael, Elizabeth & Owen Michael, Elizabeth & Owen

Meet Michael, Elizabeth & Owen

It's an amazing view from here. We're loving the peace and quiet and enjoying our picnic with no traffic rushing back and forwards.

Michael, Elizabeth & OwenWe've been watching the swans and their cygnets dipping in and out of the water behind us. The little ones have been learning how to jump from the dipping platform into the water – we’ve been holding our breath wondering if they were going to make it... but they have.

Swans at Caen Hill

We've just moved to this area and we've been enjoying exploring all around Wiltshire and the Kennet & Avon Canal. We don't go boating on the canals but I've always been interested in boats. I like watching boats going through the locks, and it's interesting that these locks are very different from the locks I've seen on the Thames. The Thames Locks are electric, but on this narrow canal they look like a lot more hard work to me.

Caen Hill Locks and ponds

This is our third visit, it's smashing here. Our son lives nearby so Owen, one of our grandchildren, is with us today and we thought we'd try feeding the fish with some of the special food in this jar. We always carry fish food round with us in the car for days out like this. We don't want to catch the fish, we just like looking at them - I'd rather just leave them as they are. I can't identify everything, but I know roach and rudd, and my son recently taught me how to spot dace. It's amazing when you see a fish swimming in the water, they can be absolutely huge sometimes. We're quite excited about what fish we're going to spot today.

Michael, Elizabeth & Owen, Caen Hill Locks, Kennet & Avon Canal