Boy by lock gate Marsworth Locks, Grand Union Canal

Meet Luke

"I am nearly five and this is my first day at the canal. We are looking for boats! The water is very deep. I think that the water is 100 metres deep and that there are 26 miles of canals in England. Fish and octopuses live in the canals too. I counted so many boats with my sister Charlotte, 23, 24, 25 boats and if people don’t tie up the boats, they float to the edge of the world.

Next time I come I want to go on a canal boat, I think they can go 20 miles fast. I met a man who lives on a boat and he has everything that I have in my house. He has a toilet, a bed, a kitchen, a TV, a fridge with milk and cheese in it and he even has a place for books. He doesn’t have a slide though. I have a slide in my garden.

Then I helped push a lock gate really hard, the boat came in and it filled up really quickly like my bath. The canals are very old, older than my mummy. 2,000 years old I think. I had a great day today at the canal and the best thing about it was the bridges!"

Luke, Marsworth Locks, Grand Union Canal