Sledging on the Kennet & Avon Canal Sledging on the Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Lorraine, having fun in the snow

Oh yes, I've had my turn on the sledge as well... of course!

We've been sledging down a hill which is just a couple of fields further along the canalside from here. We're on our way back home now because I think we're ready to eat something. It may be absolutely freezing weather, but we haven't felt cold because all this sledging is like doing a good workout. Yesterday we spent about three hours going up and down that hill.

Kennet & Avon Canal in the snow

We live locally, and we use the canal towpaths for exercise all year round. In the summer we cycle along the canal, and I run quite a lot along towpath here too. I like to come here a lot because it's away from the traffic.

Our local canal towpath is quite popular with joggers. I've noticed that some people have headphones on when they run, listening to music or whatever, but I prefer to just hear the peace and quiet. I like the silence.

It doesn't seem to matter if it's sunny or snowing, we use the canals whatever the weather... there's all the wildlife and it's just beautiful.

Snow on the Kennet & Avon CanalLorraine, Bradford on Avon, Kennet & Avon Canal