Man and dog by canal Location: Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Lee (and Chicken)

"We call her Chicken because she's got legs like chicken thighs, though Bonnie is her real name. It's a good life for a dog. We've lived on a narrowboat for five years now. It's so laid back with such a sense of freedom. On the canals life is slow and you know that everything is going to be just how it's going to be, whether it's for bad or good, so there's no point in worrying. You can't be stressed with this way of life.

Chicken is a good guard dog, protecting what's hers. She likes to spend most of her day standing on the roof of her boat, and when other dogs go past she runs up and down barking at them. She never bothers jumping off onto the towpath, but once or twice she's spotted something really interesting on the other side of the canal and dived into the water swimming as fast as she can!

I take Chicken out every day on the lead, but it takes me ages to go for a walk, I end up most of my time going backwards because she keeps pulling to stop and sniff. She is definitely tenacious! If I pull her away from whatever she's sniffing, she hates me! People say Jack Russells can be difficult and some dogs such as Labradors suit boat life better than terriers. But I think it's not what breed of dog you have, it's how you treat them that matters. Chicken is the perfect dog for a boat because she doesn't take up much room inside, even though she does insist on lying sideways across the narrowboat floor making us step over her! One day we’d like to have a cat on the boat as well, but Chicken is not a fan."

Lee & Bonnie, Lower Foxhangers, Kennet & Avon Canal