Location: Bradford Lock, Kennet & Avon Canal

Meet Keith & Josie

"Come on Josie, do your pose! She's been to the floating Christmas market with us today, but she's getting a bit chilly now. My wife has just gone into the café to get us all something to warm up with. Coffee and cake for my wife and me, but I'm not sure what the café serves for dogs!

I’m a chemist and my wife used to be a computer programmer, so she's much better than me at 'technical' stuff and she finds places for us to go for days out on the internet. We've travelled from our home in Swindon today. We know this canal quite well, especially Devizes and Caen Hill, and all the way to the Savernake Forest. When we were deciding what to do for a day out, we thought Bradford on Avon would be an interesting place to visit because the floating market was on. But it wasn't just the market that interested us, after all we're not planning to spend much money, it's mostly because we know there's a great atmosphere by the water. The floating market was the added interest.

This morning we walked over the ancient old bridge into the town and bought some mince pies, then we wandered around the floating Christmas market and my wife bought a purse. Josie has enjoyed herself, there have been lots of dogs here, but I think she's a bit tired now. After our hot coffee and cake, we'll be ready to go home."


Bradford Lock, Kennet & Avon Canal