Lady on a canoe by the water Brassknocker Basin

Meet Karina

"As an artist I feel most inspired when I’m amongst nature and I never cease to be amazed by the wildlife and the flowers in bloom along our canals and rivers. I have been connected to Britain’s waterway network in different parts of the country and at different times in my life everywhere I go there is a common sense of community, natural beauty, connectivity and industry.

Growing up in East London I was drawn to the juxtaposition of the wildness and natural beauty of the long grasses, the reflections on the water, and the former industrial buildings. Later I lived more centrally, from where I could ride my bike, or walk to other parts city via the towpath. I loved to soak up the bohemian feel of the community of the narrowboats, wildflowers and urban graffiti whilst going to London Fields market, or Camden. More recently I have lived in Bath, where I have used the towpath to walk and cycle deep into the countryside – in fact, we cycled along the towpath to get here today.

Our canals and rivers are such exciting places to be, not only because of the wildlife and scenery but because there are so many interesting things happening on the waterways these days. From floating cinemas to floating apothecaries; it’s a wonderfully vibrant community. I’m actually a friend of the Canal & River Trust; I wanted to support our waterways as they are such an amazing asset. The canal connects people, places and nature in the most magical way. They are a pleasure to explore, and it is important to support them so that they can remain a safe place for us, and for the wildlife that inhabit them."

Karina, Brassknocker Basin