Jonathan and Andy in the shop at Foxton Jonathan and Andy in the shop at Foxton

Meet Jonathan & Andy at Foxton Locks

People come from far away to visit, but we live locally and have known Foxton Locks for a long time. Andy's grandad even worked on the canals in the old days. I'd say everyone who lives in our local area knows these canal locks.

We're working here for Foxton Boats, who run this shop, the pub Bridge 61, hire boats and the Vagabond Boat Trips that operate from here along the Grand Union Canal.

Jonathan and Andy outside the shop

The holiday season is usually quite a busy time for us here at Foxton, but we love working by the water. I think one of the nicest things about working by the canal is watching the ducks, and it's fun feeding them. There is loads of wildlife here. We saw an otter the other day! He was just swimming around in the water at the bottom of the Foxton Lock Flight. We've seen a few otters this year and I think there may be a family of them living along this part of the canal. People always say the canals have a lot of wildlife, but we really know it's true. When you spend as much time as we do by the water you get to see loads.

Walking by the canal at Foxton

I think it's cool to spot a kingfisher on your route to work in the morning! And after work, if he gets the chance, Andy loves to sneak off to go fishing. There are definitely perks to working along the canal!

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