Jeremy and Caroline in Worcester Jeremy and Caroline in Worcester

Meet Jeremy & Caroline in Worcester

"We love being by the water!"

Jeremy and Caroline

We live in London but we're here by the River Severn because my son got married here in the summer and my daughter-in-law's family live in Worcester. It was her 30th birthday yesterday so we're here for a birthday celebration.

We're staying a couple of nights at the Diglis Hotel right on the waterside. The wedding was there too, it was a great day so it's nice to come back! We've got some very good wedding photographs with the water in the background. The river’s looking quite high today, but we're on the top floor of the hotel so if it floods I think we will be ok!

Diglis Hotel, Worcester

At the moment we're just out for a walk along the river. We've always liked being near water. We've been on a canal boat holiday a few times. Just a minute ago we saw the signpost for the Worcester & Birmingham Canal and we were just wondering how long it would take you to do those 58 locks to Birmingham in a boat from here! We've done Banbury to Warwick, climbing the Hatton Flight with its 21 locks. I think it took us about four hours and we had a lot of help with a big crew too to work in relays.

Swans on the river

Our walk is less energetic than that today. We're just planning a short circular route, crossing the river on the Millennium Bridge and then walking back along the river on the other side. We love being by the water.

Jeremy & Caroline, Worcester, River Severn/Worcester & Birmingham Canal