Janet at Alvechurch Janet at Alvechurch

Meet Janet, across the canal network

I've been editor of Towpath Talk since 2010, but that's not my whole story – as I say on Twitter, "I'm editor of Towpath Talk, would-be boater, but in reality fulltime working grandma and Rotarian".

I juggle being editor with being a proud grandmother. Every month I'm out covering stories across the networks and, over the years, I've been to many events such as Braunston Historic Boat Rally - which is possibly my favourite.

My first holidays afloat were in the 1950s when my parents hired a cabin cruiser. When I first began my role at Towpath Talk, it brought back memories for me of those holidays. I think the most positive change I've seen since I became editor is the progress made on restoration schemes around the network and the increase in awareness about the network following media coverage.

Janet with Richard Parry and Lee Wiltshire

From a journalist’s point of view, the energy and enthusiasm shown by Richard Parry, chief executive of the Canal & River Trust, and the regular press briefings and availability of information from the charity has been really positive.

There have been lots of great moments for me while I've been at Towpath Talk, but if I had to single anything out as the most uplifting, it has been meeting the volunteers up and down the network and experiencing their passion for the cause.

Beyond my working role, the best thing that the world of canals has given me personally is the friendliness of the waterways community and the opportunity to experience the timelessness and tranquillity of the canals and rivers.

Janet, across the canal network