Lady by her boat Location: Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Meet Jacqui

" I've been running 'Café Afloat' for about seven years now and it's doing well. I used to live on that boat before I started running the café onboard.

It was my brother who came up with the idea of running 'Café Afloat' with me. Once we'd decided to go ahead and start the business together, he bought that first boat off me so we could turn it into the café - and I bought this new boat to live on and moor alongside.

We opened 'Café Afloat' in 2010, and it's been part of my life on the water ever since. We were really busy yesterday, but on Saturday it rained so that wasn't such a good day for customers. Sunshine definitely helps business!

We don't open the café on Mondays or Tuesdays so I'm catching up on some painting jobs today. I'm not a roses and castles type of person, so I'm going to keep the colours simple.

I've been based here in Diglis Basin in Worcester ever since I've been living on a boat. I'm from the Black Country originally. I go back there regularly because my parents are elderly and I go to visit them. Not in the boat though, it would take too long! My son decided to follow me down here five years ago but my daughter still lives in Halesowen where I come from.

Originally I was a youth and community worker, and then I worked for the trade union movement. I always wanted to be on the water more, but my work meant I'd be on dry land at eight o'clock every morning.

It was after I got divorced that I decided to live on a boat. Luckily I found the right boat at the right time. I wouldn't go back to living on land now."

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