Boater Location: Gloucester Docks, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Meet Innes

"My boat is that big wooden narrowboat there, with the cratch cover on it. She's being restored here at the moment.

The boat is called Gort - she's a former Samuel Barlow working boat and is on the National Historic Ships Register. She was painted by Ron Hough, who sadly died last year, and was converted by Tony Newman who was an architect who lived on it at Saul Junction on the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

My parents bought her in 1965. I lived on her for a while, then I sold the boat in 1976 but I had to buy her back again in 1986 because I couldn't bear to be without her!

My family grew up knowing the boat, but I'm not sure they're as impassioned about her as me. I'm the one that spends the money on her! She's got the original Gardner engine, but hardly any of the original wood – it's all been redone. She's travelled around a good deal of the canal network. I've got photos of when she was a working boat, working for Samuel Barlow from 1939 to 1960ish. The boatman's cabin wasn't original because when my parents bought the boat, the cabin had been taken out. I've redone the boatman's cabin, but it's not fitted out with brass yet.

She's being restored by Tommi Nielson here in the Docks at the moment. They're specialists in restoring wooden historic boats."

Innes, Gloucester Docks, Gloucester & Sharpness Canal