Running on the River Severn Running on the River Severn

Meet Imogen on the River Severn at Worcester

I've finished my degree course at Leeds University and I'm just making the best of my time before I start my first 'proper' job. I've had a great time in Leeds, and have done some travelling since I finished, but I'm really excited about starting my career now.

Because there's a canal and a river in Leeds, there have been plenty of towpaths I've used for running while I've been at uni. When I was at school I used to row on the river with my school team, but these days I prefer to just run. I still do a lot of team sports, but running by the water is my own way of relaxing really. Of course it helps me keep fit, but I love the peace and 'space' it gives me too.

Looking out onto the River Severn

I think the water must be following me, or I'm following the water, because I went to school here in Worcester where there is also a river and a canal, and I've just found a house-share in the area around Bath where my new job starts in a couple of weeks, and I discovered there's plenty of water there too.

I can't wait to start my new job, it's really exciting. At Leeds I studied languages and my new job is going to let me use my Spanish and French because I will be quite involved in the trade of wines from Europe and South America. I've bought a few bottles of good wine to share with my parents at home this weekend.

Imogen, River Severn, Worcester