Ifan & Taffy on the llangollen Canal Ifan & Taffy on the Llangollen Canal

Say hello to Ifan & Taffy, Llangollen Wharf

What I love about my job on the canal is working with the horses. I love animals. This is my second season working at Llangollen Wharf with the horse-drawn boat trips.

Horsedrawn boat trips on the Llangollen CanalIt was my first job straight from school - I started last year just after my 16th birthday.

Ifan from the Horse drawn boat tripI've always wanted to work outside and be with animals so it's pretty good that my job is to be out on the canal towpath with the horse boat. The worst job in the world for me would be to have an office job. I hate office work!

The horse boat sets off from Llangollen Wharf and takes passengers on a trip towards the end of the Llangollen Canal. It's a beautiful route. We make sure the horses don't work too hard and they have two fields to relax in on the days they aren't working. We have a rota to bring different horses down to the stables in the Wharf. Today I'm with Taff.

Ifan and Taffy pulling the narrowboatHe's really easy to work with and, probably because he's the biggest, he's very popular with the kids who come on the boat trips. Oddly the other horses probably think he's the grumpiest because he likes to keep all of them in order when they are off duty out in the fields! 

Ifan & Taffy, humans of the waterwaysPeople say we can't have favourites, but there is one horse in the group called Hercules who is my favourite, definitely. He reminds me of my old horse – they look the same and his personality is the same too. I think it was because I'd had experience with horses for quite a long time when I was younger that I was lucky enough to be able to get this job.

Ifan & Taffy, Llangollen Wharf, Llangollen Canal