Helen on the Hertford Union Canal Helen on the Hertford Union Canal

Meet Helen on the Hertford Union Canal

My name is Helen Rawling, I am project manager at Discovering Britain and a big fan of our canal network. I’ve lived in East London for the last ten years and for me the towpaths are a godsend, whether for a peaceful jog or a place to take a very active toddler for an explore. There is always something fun to spot on the canal.

Telling the Canal & River Trust that Britain’s canals are great is preaching to the converted. Whether you live or commute, work or volunteer, exercise or play on them, you know that they are pockets of inspiration in our everyday lives. But the real beauty of these waterways is that there is always more to discover.

Helen walking along the Hertford Union Canal

Discovering Britain has been created by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) to help people explore the stories behind Britain’s rich and varied landscapes. We create walks, short trails and viewpoint activities to bring different landscapes to life by uncovering the stories within them. All 200+ of these resources are free to download from our website so you can simply get outside and discover what’s on your doorstep or further afield.

A number of Discovering Britain's walks are currently available via the Trust's walking pages.

Many more of our activities are situated along Trust waterways or within a five minute walk, so if you are in the area why not give them a try? Find out how shopping, sports and arts are being used to regenerate the area around the Olympic Park in London or discover a subterranean world under the streets of Nottingham.   

Helen, Hertford Union Canal