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Meet Helen & David on the Stratford Canal

Helen & David, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford Canal

Canals are so evocative, just the sight of a narrowboat... we love it! It's so peaceful, restful and you feel free when you're out here. The countryside is so beautiful and we've been lucky with the weather this week.

We like to take friends out for the day in the boat as much as we can - and will do so as long as we can until we're too old to do so! We've downsized our house so we can have the boat as well. The boat was built several years ago by New Boat Co at their factory in Gdansk. We got advice from friends about the best interior design for sociable space and that's how we ended up with one large space inside - it works really well!

Helen & David on Dusky Mist

Now our children are grown up, they're all over the country and I'm Granny several times over. We go out in the boat a lot in the summer. I've grown all the geraniums from plugs, and we had to fly Welsh flags - my family are all Welsh and we live in Monmouth. David worked in Wales too. He used to be the rector in Bracknell, and is retired now... but did three services this week and still does a couple of weeks a year as a chaplain in Westminster!

Our boat is named after our dog... she was from greyhound rescue and was neither grey nor black but something in between, a dusky colour. We loved her, and had her for about seven years before she sadly died. One day I was by a lock and said I do miss Dusky... so as a play on 'Dusky missed', we decided to name our boat 'Dusky Mist'. We've still got her lead in the boat...

Helen & David, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford Canal

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