Heidi & Captain Pugwash and their pirate boat Heidi & Captain Pugwash and their pirate boat

Meet Heidi & Captain Pugwash at Merry Hill

Give us an Arrrrrrrr! The Pirate Boat has lots of nautical themed toys for little pirates, as well as ice creams, freshly baked cupcakes, and themed teas and coffees arrrrrrrrrr!

Heidi and the Pirate Boat

I used to be a teacher, and I loved it, but the extra paperwork made me think there must be more to life than this. When I first left university I went off to South Africa for a bit because I love the whole thing about travel and moving about. So when I was getting dissatisfied with teaching, I just thought 'I want to live moving around on a narrowboat' - and I haven’t looked back since!

I just love it. I've lived aboard for two years now. I've had cars on HP, house improvements and I don't want these things any more... I've done all that.  Although I do like my mod cons on my boat - so as long as I can shower every day and watch a bit of telly I'm happy.

The Pirate Boat

My dog, Captain Pugwash, was on his own all day when I was a teacher but now he loves life on the canals. This is his happy face! When we're on the move he loves it on the roof in his place, and in winter he loves sitting by the fire watching the flames roaring up the chimney. He’s got his own Facebook page too!

I decided to get a licence to be a trader so I can earn as I travel. Why pirates? Well, I was at a floating market a few years ago and all the boats were selling ropes and canalia stuff for other boaters, and I thought there needs to be something else for the kids. So I set up the Pirate Boat. We sell bags of sweets and lucky bags, and this morning I've already sold one of the pirate fancy dress outfits.

Trading from the Pirate Boat

This year I started off from Anderton and I've travelled the Llangollen, done Audlem, Great Haywood, Stoke festival, Fradley Junction, the Grand Union Canal. We traders all have a laugh and quite often travel together - I love the community.

Heidi & Captain Pugwash, Merry Hill, Brierley Hill, Dudley No.1 Canal