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Say hello to Harry at Bancroft Basin, Stratford

Harry, Bancroft Basin,

I've been doing this for 25 years. I started doing rope work because I just fancied having a go at doing it for myself. I do a lot of the work on my boat myself - the painting, fitting it out, signwriting... I don't know how I learned all these skills, I think I just pick it up, and anyway you can always do anything out of a book!

Harry, Bancroft Basin, ropemaker

I have a plastics fabrication business that my sons look after now that I've retired. They're better at it than I ever was - I go in and sweep up occasionally! These are plastic ropes I'm working with on the boat because they last a lot longer than hemp, and they look good too these days.

Harry, Stratford, ropemaker

I'm not keen on crowds so don't do festivals very often, but I'm on my way up the river to Upton for the blues festival. I've been interested in music all of my life. The green-coloured part of my boat is a recording studio. I've got a recording of my own music on CDs. I write songs and play of all the instruments, guitar, ukulele, banjo...

Harry at the Stratford River Festival

I've been living on my boat for 20 years. I keep moving - I've done Llangollen, Manchester and travelled all over the canals. This year I really want to do the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. I've a deep draught so I'm hoping there will be enough water!

Harry, Bancroft Basin, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford Canal

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