Graham and his model boats Graham and his model boats

Graham, Droitwich Spa Model Boat Club

I've always been interested in model boats and building them. I've got a Clyde puffer, a large Thames Sailing Barge and a few others! My wife loves model boating as well, she's got an Italian fishing boat. I think model boating is for everybody, whether you're a man or woman, old or young.

Droitwich Spa model boat clubMy wife and I are members of the Droitwich Spa Model Boat Club and today we've come along to the canal to show everyone what model boating is all about. Our aim is to spread the word and get people interested in model boating. Without young people things die out, so we're especially hoping to introduce lots of young people to the fun of model boating.

Model boating at DroitwichAs a beginner the easy way to get started is to get a kit. From a simple hull you can put everything else together. Joining a club is a good way of learning and sharing skills – and there's a good social side to it of course. People who've joined our club say we're one of the friendliest clubs!

Steering a model boatSteering a model boat around the canal is a bit different to handling a 70-foot narrowboat, but we still have to watch out for bumping into each other. I've had some sinkings I have to admit! On one of my boats the hatch came open, and it went down, but luckily it dried out and all still works ok!

We don't have competitions about who builds the best boats - we just do a lot of talking and have a lot of fun when we come to the water to sail our boats!

Graham, Barge Lock, Droitwich Canal